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What Are Roses In A Hat Box?

Fresh flowers sure can brighten up any mood. Flowers arranged beautifully can communicate emotions and can provide a sense of happiness to the receiver. Over the years, we’ve seen different flower arrangements available, each having its own unique style.

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The hat box flower arrangement is one of the most popular flower arrangements today. It has been trending over the years because of its elegant appeal. Many love it because it is unique, easy to carry, and easy to maintain. All you need to do is purchase the arrangement in a beautiful hat box and you are good to go. You don’t need to worry about them being damaged during transport. They are also very economical as you can re-use to box for other purposes.

Roses in a hat box is one of the most preferred arrangements today. Roses, being the universal symbol of love and affection, can be given to your special someone, parents, or friends. They are the perfect gift for just about any occasion!

Roses in a Hat Box Flower Arrangement

Roses in a hat box are different from a rose bouquet. In a hat box arrangement, fresh and colorful roses are arranged beautifully inside a hat box with the stem inserted in a wet foam. This will allow the flowers to stay in place and be fresh for several days. You can personally select the color of roses you want for the arrangement. Some florists also provide different styles of hat boxes that you can choose from. Some even allowed personalization.

One of the best things about roses in a hat box is that you won’t need to transfer the flowers to a vase or container. The hat box itself can serve as its vase. It does not need constant watering too as the wet foam inside will do the job of keeping the roses fresh longer.

Roses in a hat box is an ideal “get well soon” gift because it stays fresh for days. It is also a great gift for someone who doesn’t have the luxury of time to re-arrange the flowers and water them to keep them fresh.

This can last up to a week. The key is to make sure that the foam remains wet. When the foam dries out, it won’t be able to take extra water again.

Some however prefer treated fresh roses also called Everlasting Roses. This is the ideal choice for those who want to preserve the flowers. Everlasting Roses in a hat box can last up to 3 years.

Caring for Roses in a Hat Box

Boxed flowers require no maintenance. The wet foam will be enough to keep the roses looking great. It would just be extra helpful to keep the roses away from direct sunlight and place them in a cool and dry place.

You can continue to put a little bit of water in foam to extend the life of your roses. When the roses withered, you can use the hat box as a place of keepsake and put dried rose petals in it for preservation.

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