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Tricks to Keep Roses Alive Longer

tricks to keep roses alive longer orlando

Roses have been known to symbolize love. In fact, it is probably the most popular type of flower. given to a loved one during special occasions. Whether you purchased a bouquet of roses or you have been gifted one, you want to be able to preserve its beauty and marvel at it longer. 

Fresh roses that have been cut usually last only for a week. If you don’t put it in the water immediately, it can only last for a couple of hours. However, there are several tricks to keep roses alive longer. Read below to find out.

  1. Cut the stem immediately. Before putting the roses in a vase with water, use a clean knife to cut up to two inches of the stem at a diagonal angle for better water absorption. You may have to do this after a few days as well. This trick can instantly make the roses last for a week. 
  • Dont forget the leaves. Make sure also to cut down the leaves, if there are any. The leaves of the roses should not touch the water in the vase to prevent bacteria that can make the roses rot from spreading. 
  • Use a clean vase. Before putting your freshly cut roses in the vase, make sure that the one you will be using is clean. You may clean it with soap and warm water before putting the roses. The water should be able to cover half of the stem. 
  • Use apple cider vinegar together with sugar. Roses can last for more than a week by putting apple cider vinegar and sugar together in the vase with water. A mixture of two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and two tablespoons of sugar should be enough. This mixture will help prevent bacterial growth. The sugar also acts as a nourishing food for the roses to stay fresh longer.
  • Use copper coins. If you don’t have apple cider vinegar with you, you can simply use pennies made of copper for your fresh roses. Just drop some in the vase with the roses. Copper has properties that prevent bacterial growth.
  • Preserve it in the fridge. You may also opt to put the vase with your roses on the fridge at night to preserve its freshness. You may do this trick for several days to help slow down the process of wilting. 
  • Avoid direct sunlight. To prevent your roses from drying quickly. Make sure to put it away from direct sunlight. This will cause dehydration and further dryness.

For the lovers of fresh flowers, there are sure-fire ways to make them last a little longer. Some floral companies are even offering beautifully arranged roses that can last for months and even a year. This technique has gained popularity over the years.

If you are interested however in the long-term preservation of roses, you can always go the classic route — drying. You may dry the petals of your roses and have them preserved to keep it a lifetime!

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