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Fresh Flower Care

At Le Bouquet, we care about quality of our flowers. For all of our arrangements, we use only fresh flowers imported directly from farms. We avoid third party wholesalers to make sure their vase life is as long as possible. This fresh flower care is the key to beautiful arrangements with optimum life and freshness. They will be delivered to your home or business looking as fresh and vibrant as possible, and that is just one of the many benefits of choosing Le Bouquet Fleurs as your Orlando florist.

Each arrangement will have their own care instructions carefully sealed in the envelope along with your postcard message. These instructions will be customized for your order, and will ensure the optimal life of your beautiful flowers. All of our orders are delivered with this customization to ensure a unique and personal experience to exceed your expectations.

Always follow our care instructions. Keep your flowers hydrated in our signature box or in the vase at all times. Many people forget to keep their flowers hydrated, and this is one of the fastest ways to damage your arrangement. Here are some more of our flower tips that will assist you in extending the life and beauty of your arrangement. It takes just a little extra effort to properly care for your flowers, but that effort is paid back tenfold in the beauty and vibrance of your arrangement.

Display your bouquet in a cool room away from bright sunlight or direct heat. Add water as needed to keep them fresh. Some flowers last longer than others. Remove fading petals and blooms to keep your bouquet looking beautiful. Proper pruning of the flower bouquet is important to not only make it look its best, but also for the health of the bouquet. Most people do not take the time to follow these simple steps to optimize the beauty of their bouquet. So when you do, you will have the most vibrant, colorful, and fresh arrangement of flowers possible!

If you follow these instructions, you can enjoy your beautiful roses, flowers, or other arrangements for a week and longer. At Le Bouquet Fleurs, our goal is to provide the freshest, most beautiful arrangements in the area, with our signature boxes that will take your breath away!

Enjoy Your Flowers!

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