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What Are Everlasting Roses?

At Le Bouquet, we carry two different kinds of arrangements: Fresh flowers and Everlasting Roses. And many people ask, “What are Everlasting Roses?” Most people are quite happy they learn the difference between the two, as they both have their place depending on the occasion, as well as the flower recipient.

With the proper care fresh flowers will last anywhere from 5 to 7 days. This can be extended by following our flower tips. However, Everlasting Roses are real roses that last up to a year without water! So they will look just as beautiful and vibrant on day 100 as they do on day 1 when they are first delivered.

By treating fresh roses with a unique method, these roses become long-lasting and keep their natural beauty and softness. Our Everlasting Roses are a favorite of many of our clients throughout the Orlando area. They not only look beautiful and authentic-looking, but they are also durable and enduring. They will look beautiful in any room in your home for months to come, so you can enjoy this elegant bouquet much longer than fresh flowers.

Their soft, velvety feel and their wide range of colors make them the perfect gift for a very special person! Each everlasting rose arrangement comes with care instructions carefully sealed in the envelope along with your postcard message. This will ensure they are truly “everlasting,” and you will get the very most out of each beautiful arrangement.

At Le Bouquet Fleurs, we know our client have widely varying tastes and preferences. Our Everlasting Roses offer a unique, luxurious, and elegant option that will quickly become a favorite for anyone. And we deliver our bouquets in our unique and adorable hat boxes that will only add to the beauty and elegance. So call us today at 321-251-1833 to learn more about our very popular Everlasting Roses. You will be glad you added these unique bouquets to your flower delivery options.

We offer flower delivery in Orlando and throughout much of the Central Florida area. So if you are in Central Florida, please call us to inquire about our many product options, or visit our show room in downtown Orlando.

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