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Flower Meanings and Symbolisms

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Flowers are very beautiful gifts of nature. They play a big role in important occasions from welcoming a baby, celebrating birthdays and other events, weddings, and even funerals. Flowers are pretty and vibrantly colorful. Quite interestingly, many of them come with special flower meanings and symbolisms. Wouldn’t it be nice if you knew about these meanings before deciding on which type of flower to give to your special someone?

Roses are very popular and remain one of the top choices for practically any occasion. Over 100 million roses are sold and gifted in the United States on Valentine’s Day alone. Roses generally convey desire and love. However, with each color comes a deeper meaning. According to the almanac.com, here are some rose color meanings and symbolisms:

  • Red: Love
  • White: Purity and Innocence
  • Dark Crimson: Mourning
  • Pink: Happiness and Grace
  • Yellow: Friendship, Joy, New Beginnings
  • Orange: Enthusiasm and Desire
  • Coral: Friendship, Sympathy
  • Lavender: Love at First Sight

Other flowers have special meanings too. Carnations, another popular choice, symbolize love and women. Their colors have meanings as well:

  • Red: Admiration, Heartaches
  • White: Good Luck, Innocence, Purity
  • Pink: Remembrance
  • Yellow: Disdain and Disappointment

Chrysanthemums symbolize cheerfulness. Daisies usually mean hope and innocence. Hyacinths are all about games and playfulness, and again, the colors of hyacinths have interesting meanings:

  • Blue: Constant Love
  • Purple: Forgiveness and Sorrow
  • Yellow: Jealousy
  • White: Prayers
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There are hundreds and even thousands of other flower meanings and symbolisms, but none of these symbols matter when you’re giving the flowers to the one you love. All that matters is your genuine intention and your sincerity. Throw in a personalized note too that tells that special someone exactly what giving those flowers means for you. The meanings above are just fun and interesting tidbits that are nice to know.

For whatever meaning or symbolization you’re aiming for, it would be nice to prepare beautifully and elegantly arranged flowers to your loved one. Le Bouquet Fleurs is the first luxury florist in Orlando to bring European flower trends to Central Florida. We consistently make sure we deliver fresh flower arrangements to our clients in Orlando and nearby areas. To place an order, call us at 321-251-1833 .

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