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Tips to Prolong Table Flower Arrangements

Tips to Prolong Table Flower Arrangements Orlando, FL

If there is one home accent that will probably never lose its appeal, it is, no doubt, a classy flower arrangement. It is timeless, pleasing to look at, and can brighten up any room in an instant. However, a fresh flower arrangement does not last long and those beautiful blooms can start to wither days after being arranged. Fortunately, there are simple and totally doable steps you can do at home to prolong your table flower arrangements. 

Ready to step up your maintenance game? Check the tips below.

Get to know your flowers. Not all flowers are the same. Some types of flowers can stay fresh longer even after they are cut but some withers instantly. If you want to keep your flower arrangements longer, research for longer-lasting flower types. If you are however keen on choosing those that have a shorter shelf life, make sure to regularly check for signs of wither. Chrysanthemums, Carnations, and roses are an example of flowers with long shelf life. Sunflowers, however, can deteriorate easily. 

Condition your flowers. Flowers that are being sold in a floral shop are most probably conditioned. If you are, however, getting fresh flowers from your garden, you can apply simple techniques to preserve its life. One, you can cut the stems underwater to prevent air from immediately entering the cut. Remove unnecessary leaves so that they won’t submerge in the water while in the vase. Leaves can easily rot when under the water and can attract bacteria that can cause quick deterioration of the flowers.

Use a clean vase. Always make sure to have a clean vase free from impurities to eliminate bacteria that can wither your flower arrangement easily. When getting your vase out of the storage, give it a good and quick cleaning. Rinse and dry thoroughly. 

Purchase floral preservatives. Yes, there is such thing as floral preservatives and you can easily get them in your local floral shop. This solution is often used by hotels and other commercial establishments to help preserve their fresh flower arrangements. A floral preservative can prolong the life of your flower arrangement by up to twice the normal lifespan. It contains a substance called “biocide” that when added to the water, can help keep the growth of bacteria. 

Check and change the water. Water in the vase can get muddy in a day and even with the use of a floral preservative. Make sure to check and change the water if needed to prevent bacteria from spreading. This can greatly affect the life of your table flower arrangement. 

Choose a good spot at home. Placing your flower arrangement in the right place can help prolong its life. A colder temperature is great in preserving the condition of the flowers while a shaded place without direct sunlight is also beneficial. It would also help to keep the flower arrangement away from fruits and vegetables because they naturally emit ethylene gas that can dry flowers easily. 

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