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Flowers remain one of the most beautiful and well-appreciated gifts given to people for just about any occasion. They are also used as decorative features in homes and offices. Whether fresh or artificial, flowers as decorations have become a tradition that has gone on for years. Flowers are a form of decorating that is subtle, yet also seems to bring a room to life. That’s why they are so widely popular. One trend that is taking place now is that people are switching from live flowers to artificial ones. This change from real flowers to beautiful fake flowers, many prefer to call them artificial flowers, is because of the many benefits that artificial flowers have over regular ones.

Below, we will discuss some of the benefits that people get by choosing to place artificial flowers around their homes as opposed to living ones.

Why Beautiful Fake Flowers Are Just as Popular Decorations as Real Ones

Beautiful fake flowers are abundant these days and it is understandable because the demand is high. In fact, not all fake flowers are exactly fake. There are also treated flowers, also known as everlasting flowers, that use special treatment methods for them to last for up to three years. So why are some fake flowers becoming just as popular as the real ones? Read on.

Artificial Flowers Are Low Maintenance

Picture this scenario. You are getting ready to go away on vacation or business for several weeks. You have a large to-do list that includes finding a pet sitter and someone to get the mail. Many times, this list will also include finding someone to water your flowers and plants. That’s the beauty of having artificial flowers instead of having real ones around your home, they require very little to no maintenance to keep them looking good for years. Just dust them off every once in a while and they already look like new!

Fake Flowers Have No Allergens

One of the biggest benefits that people get from putting them in their homes is they are in a vast majority of cases allergen-free. That is hardly the case with real flowers because of the pollen that comes with them. If you are allergic to dairy products you don’t stock your refrigerator with milk, yogurt, and ice cream, so why would you want to bring flowers into your home if you or other family members are sensitive to pollen? The answer is you shouldn’t and that makes good looking faux flower arrangements the next best choice. Also, this makes fake flowers some of the best flowers for weddings.

Beautiful Fake Flowers Last for a Long Time

It’s hard to deny that real flowers give people great joy in many instances when they are placed around any home. They add some fragrance to a home and they look lovely. The problem is that feeling goes away almost as quickly as it comes because real flowers typically only last a few short days to a week in a home – longer when you exert a little bit more effort to maintain them. Artificial flowers will last as long as you choose to display them.

Improved Look of Artificial Flowers

Years ago, faux flowers were only found to be made from a rubbery type plastic. This only seemed to magnify the fact that they were fake. That is hardly the case today. Artificial flower manufacturers have made great strides in making their products look more real than ever before. Silks and other modern specialty fabrics are what has made this possible. Some faux flower arrangements look so good you can hardly tell they are not real. 

Artificial Flowers Can Go Into Storage

Another big benefit that artificial flower users get is that they can be stored. So if you purchase such faux flowers as poinsettias for Christmas, you can simply pack them away after that holiday season has passed and then you will have them to use again when Christmas season comes next year. So the fact that artificial flowers are reusable is another big benefit that purchasing them offers. 

View Our Collection of Everlasting Flowers

Le Bouquet Fleurs in Orlando delivers elegant and luxurious fresh roses and mixed flower bouquets of all kinds and sizes. While we truly love the freshness of real flowers, we also understand how some people would go for beautiful fake flowers. Therefore, we managed to give you something in between – our collection of everlasting flowers featuring roses and flowers that last up to three years. These flowers are arranged so that they would look just like the fresh ones and they are certainly perfect for any occasion! Call us at 321-251-1833 for your inquiries. 

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