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Best Flowers for Weddings

What are the best flowers for weddings? Deciding on the best flowers to use for your wedding can be very difficult. There are many different varieties of gorgeous flowers available but not all will fit your wedding theme.

When looking for the best flowers to use, there are also a lot of things to consider. For one, you have to check if the flowers you are eyeing are in season during your wedding day. You may also want to check on your budget and the overall styling you want. One of the best things to do when planning for your wedding flowers is to write a general checklist of the flowers you want so you and your stylist and florist can decide and work on it as part of the overall wedding planning. 

If you are still not sure what to look for and are not familiar with flowers, you must stick with timeless pieces that can stand out. Below are some of the most gorgeous tried and tested flowers you may want to consider for your wedding party.

1. Roses. This classic will always remain as one of the top choices for wedding parties. There are many different variations of roses and they all look gorgeous especially when styled properly. Roses are also available all-year-round and are very versatile. You can use them in various wedding centerpieces and you won’t have to worry about getting them in bulk. Roses are affordable as well. 

2. Tulips. Tulips can be considered as the crowd’s favorite. They come in a variety of colors and they add class and elegance to the overall wedding styling. Some of the most common tulips are surprisingly affordable but those that are hard to find require more budget. Tulips are very easy to style and they are also a good choice for the bridal bouquet. 

3. Hydrangeas. Loved by many brides, hydrangeas often come in a soft shade of pink and blue. They are not only perfect for the bridal bouquet but they also make wonders in the overall styling of the church and venue. White hydrangeas are perfect for minimalist weddings.

4. Lily of the Valley. This elegant flower is a perfect choice for a bridal bouquet. They appear gorgeous, elegant, and royal. Kate Middleton made this Lily of the Valley even more popular when she opted to have it in her wedding bouquet. They are very easy to spot during spring but they can also be available all year round, but a little more expensive. When planning for all all-white wedding, make sure to get your details crafted carefully especially when you are using this type of flower. 

5. Peonies. This is another one of the most preferred flowers to be used in a bridal bouquet. They are charming and elegant and comes in beautiful shades. The most common are the pink peonies. Apart from the bouquet, they make the perfect centerpiece too. Peonies can be expensive and are mostly available during late spring and summer. 

The key to finding the best flowers for weddings is by looking for the right florist to work with. If you are getting married in Orlando or the surrounding areas in Central Florida, contact Le Bouquet Fleurs for assistance. You can choose from a variety of fresh roses, mixed flowers, everlasting flowers, and more. Call us at 407-986-1049 for inquiries. 

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