When giving flowers to someone, better make sure they’re fresh! And when you receive flowers, we’re pretty sure you want them to stay pretty and lush for as long as possible. Keeping these flowers looking fresh and beautiful for days can be challenging. You must handle them with care and place the flowers in ideal places to ensure they are properly nourished. Flowers don’t stay fresh forever. Without proper care, they could wilt or die in just a few days. However, with proper care and a little effort, you can expect them to last longer! Here are some flower tips to help with the process.

If you’re giving flowers to a special person, the best way to make sure they are very fresh is by having them delivered on your intended day. So on Valentine’s Day, have them delivered on that day, and not 2 or 3 days prior. You may also choose to call an Orlando flower delivery service to give the flowers directly to the person you wish to give the bouquet to.

If you received flowers for a special occasion and you want them to stay fresh and beautiful longer, check out these flower tips below!

Flower Tips for Beautiful Flowers

  1. Cut stems diagonally. By cutting the stems diagonally, the flowers can get as much water as they need. Avoid using scissors when cutting stems. A non-serrated knife would be a better choice when getting this done, and make sure the knife is sharp and not dull.
  2. Don’t let the leaves touch the water.  Leaves touching water can make it easier for algae and fungi to form. Cut the leaves that are too close to the water.
  3. Replace the water every day.  Dirty water is another way for algae and fungi to form. Keep the water clean and fresh. It is very common for people to use the same water for the life of their flower bouquet. By making the extra effort to maintain clean and fresh water, your flowers will thrive.
  4. Don’t deform the flowers and stems.  Try your best not to bend or break the stems of the flowers. You want to be as gentle as possible with your lovely flowers, and this TLC will be rewarded with fresh and vibrant flowers.
  5. Avoid direct sunlight.  Some plants love the sun. However, when flowers are already cut, direct sunlight can cause them to wilt. Don’t place them too close to the heater or AC system. Extreme temperatures are not good for your flowers.
  6. Do a Little Pruning. Make sure to remove any dead leaves, and always remove any dead flowers from the arrangement. This will not only look better aesthetically, but will make for a healthier arrangement.
  7. Fruits and Cigarette Smoke. What do fruit and cigarettes have in common? Fortunately, not very much! But one thing they do, is they both emit ethylene gas. And this can be harmful to flowers, so keep your bouquet away from fruit and cigarette smoke.

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