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Best Flowers for Mother’s Day

Are you looking for the best flowers for Mother’s Day? Mother’s Day is one of those precious occasions celebrated by everyone, regardless of race, belief, and religion, throughout the world. This just means that the whole world is one in honoring the mother of the family and celebrate the beauty of motherhood. 

Choosing what gifts to buy for all the special women in your life — mom, grandma, aunt, and wife — can get overwhelming but one thing is for sure, you can never go wrong with a gift of flowers. Flowers are timeless and they are always appreciated no matter what occasion. It may be traditional but giving flowers is probably the best and the sweetest way to show your love. 

Great Ideas for Mother’s Day Flowers

Best Flowers for Mother's Day Orlando

Not sure which flowers to buy? Read below to see the suggested list of the best flowers for Mother’s Day.  

1. Roses. You don’t just give roses to your significant other, you give them to your mom too! This classic flower symbolized a lot of things from love, friendship, and gratitude. It comes in various colors and can be given alone or arranged in a beautiful bouquet. You may gear away from the red ones and choose pink or white instead. 

2. Tulip. This gorgeous flower comes in different types and colors. You may select the color that best represents your mom or you can just choose her favorite color and have it arranges. Tulips, like roses, are timeless and elegant. Mother’s Day celebrations are during spring and tulip is also a spring flower so there is an abundance of it in the market during the special day. 

3. Orchids. This is perfect for moms who love plants and take care of them. Orchids come in a variety of sizes and colors and they are very easy to maintain too. Give orchids in a pot and let it grow on your mom’s care.

4. Carnation. Did you know that a white carnation was associated with Mother’s Day? When the event was first celebrated and acknowledge, white carnation became its symbol. But carnations come in many different colors too. Today, the pink carnation is everyone’s favorite on Mother’s Day because it signifies a mother’s unconditional love. Another best thing about Carnation is that it lasts long.

5. Peony. Peonies are gorgeous and classy. They look perfect when in bloom and arranged in a bouquet. They come in various beautiful colors and remain to be one of the favorite flowers to give during Mother’s Day because of their exquisite beauty.

6. Irises. This flower is known for its gorgeous purple hue and is named after the Greek goddess Iris. But Irises have various colors too and when arranged, can truly brighten up anything room. This is perfect for moms who have great tastes and know their flowers too well.

7. Hydrangeas. This type of flower is common in a beautiful shade of pink and blue. It can simply turn a plain space into something very gorgeous and classy because of its appearance. Plant-loving moms will appreciate a hydrangea plant that they can take care of as well.

Mother’s Day Flowers in Orlando, FL

Our shop is always extra-busy on Mother’s Day. Many of our customers are looking for the best floral arrangements in Orlando for the special women in their lives. And we’re proud to say that we exceed their expectations each time. If you’re searching for the best flowers for Mother’s Day, whether you’re looking for fresh roses, mixed flower bouquets, or everlasting flowers, Le Bouquet Fleurs in Orlando is here to help. Contact us at 407-986-1049 for inquiries and to place an order!

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