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What is a Hat Box for Flowers?

Hat boxes are convenient and decorative vessels for flower arrangements. They provide a versatile canvas for creativity and a memorable way of gifting. But what is the story behind these unique containers?

In this article, we’ll explore the history of hat boxes and their various uses. We also highlight how they become popular in the US.

Hat Box History

What is a Hat Box for Flowers?

Hat boxes have their roots in Europe. Initially, their function was practically simple and socially complex.

Hat boxes started as accessories used to store hats during the Victorian era (1837-1901). In that period, wearing a hat was essential and compulsory. It was a time when cars had not become mainstream, and travelling involved exposure to elements.

As such, hats were an essential part of life to protect wearers from sunburns and keep perspiration away from the eyes. It was also when the British Empire grew with the rise of the industrial revolution. English society increasingly became wealthy and powerful, and a new middle class emerged.

As a result, social restructuring emerged that saw hats evolve from protective clothing to fashion statements signifying status and wealth. The shape, size, and decoration become increasingly important. People of the time began to wear different hats for different occasions.

Like most fashionable clothes, hats needed maintenance and storage to keep them in good condition. To cater to this newfound necessity, they invented hat boxes. They kept them dust free and provided extra padding when travelling. Some even had space for brushes to clean the nap of silk hats.

Modern Hat Boxes

Large, elaborate hats eventually fell out of fashion and were associated with Victorian ‘stuffiness’. However, the hat box remained and continues to be an item attached to a sense of romance and nostalgia. They hark back to a period when people would tip their hats in greeting or remove to show respect.

Hatbox still carries a sense of importance and occasion. While there are no more carrying huts, they have changed form and become an ideal gift holder.

The Hatbox in America

With a love for gifting and good presentation, it is no surprise that hat boxes have become increasingly popular in the US. They become the vessels for elaborate floral arrangements that give room to creativity and wonder.

What is more, the hatbox offers a practical solution for gifting bouquets. They are solid and sturdy, with lids that securely hold flower stems in place. It also helps prevent the petals from breaking during transit. This convenience enables you to carry your heartfelt sentiments to the next level.

At Le Bouquet Fleurs, we have an expansive range of hat boxes in various colours. We predominantly stock cylindrical boxes made from cardboard. But we also have square, rectangular, and heart-shaped boxes.

We also have others, such as hat boxes with transparent PVC walls and window lids. And if you want to gift delicate goods like wine bottles, we have hat boxes made from polystyrene wreaths.

Let your flower gift make an impression with an elegant hat box. Call us today, and let us help you pick the perfect hat box for that special someone. We are privileged to serve Orlando, Winter Park, Longwood, Winter Garden, Lake Mary, Gotha, as well as the nearby communities.

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