What Are The Different Rose Colors?

Flora enthusiasts and flower lovers alike can agree that roses are an incredibly special type of bloom. This beautiful species of herbaceous perennial shrub has provided fragrance, beauty, and intricate blossoms for centuries.

But did you know that roses have 16 distinctive colors? They range from the universally recognized bloom of a classic red rose to more exotic and vivid shades such as lavender. Let’s explore the different rose colors and their symbolic meanings.

White Roses

100 White Roses Orlando

White roses are trendy at weddings and birthday parties. Generally, the color white conveys cleanliness, modernity, and youth. On roses, the same symbolizes purity, innocence, and youthfulness.

When used at weddings, white roses can also represent a happy new beginning, young love, and eternal loyalty. That signifies the union of two separate people as they embark on a life-long journey together.

Red Roses

Red roses are the most popular and iconic of the rose species. They have a long history in art, literature, and pop culture.

They are the symbol of true love and great romance. It’s no wonder they have become a classic Valentine’s Day gift. Red roses also represent passionate love, desire, and unbridled joy.

A bouquet of red roses at a wedding represents newlywed bliss, appreciation, and mutual respect between the couple. When presented in deeper shades like burgundy, the same flower signifies passion for a special someone and a desire for commitment.

Pink Roses

What Are The Different Rose Colors?

A pink rose bloom is fit for loyalty. They signify refinement, elegance, femininity, and sweetness.

Pink roses come in many shades ranging from light to darker hues. That means the meaning can also vary according to the shade. For example, deep and hot pink colored roses represent gratitude, appreciation, and recognition. They are a great gift to convey “thank you” to a loved one.

Yellow Roses

Yellow Roses

A yellow rose is a beautiful color to give in friendship and celebration. They represent everything that comes with companionships, such as joy, delight, warmth, caring, gladness, and affection.

Surprisingly, these same blooms once represented jealousy during the Victorian era. But today, they communicate cheerful, happy messages to match their bright color. It’s no wonder they are the roses you’ll see at most graduation ceremonies, anniversaries, and birthdays. (1)

Orange Roses

Best Color Roses for Valentine's Day - Orange Roses

Orange is a vibrant color that conveys energy, creativity, and enthusiasm. When it comes to roses, it stands for desire and fascination. It also represents excitement and admiration, making it the perfect gift for a loved one after a significant achievement.

With its positive and encouraging message, a bouquet of orange roses can be a real “I’m proud of you” gift. It could also be a desktop accessory to keep you motivated throughout your day.

Lavender Roses

What Are The Different Rose Colors?

The lavender rose is an incredibly unique and stunning flower. Presented in a bouquet, it signifies mystery, wonder, splendor, and enchantment. That’s not all. The whimsical lavender hue also communicates love at first sight!

Nothing would speak clearly about you being smitten by a special someone than a beautiful lavender rose flower.

Peach Roses

What Are The Different Rose Colors?

If you want to gift someone, maybe after a business deal or tell them you are genuinely grateful, give them a peach rose. Peach roses hold a sense of sincerity, modesty, thankfulness, and genuineness. They are the kind of flowers that warm people’s hearts.

They also stand for appreciation in a more subtle way than red roses. That makes them a great gift when you want to express your gratitude without being too extravagant.

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