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What Time of Year Are Roses the Freshest?

What Time of Year Are Roses the Freshest

Generally, the peak season for rose flowers depends on where you live, the type of rose, and the climate. You can find the freshest roses from May to August in the northern hemisphere. However, the exact timing may vary from place to place. 

So, what affects the peak season for roses? Keep reading to find out.

But first.

When Do Roses Bloom?

It depends on a few factors. For example, the type of rose, local climate, and the area where it grows. Generally, the late spring and early summer seasons are the best times to find fresh roses.

Rose flowers bloom in cycles. That’s when a new bud blooms, a fully grown one gets cut, and a new one starts growing in its place. Gardeners call it the bloom cycle, and it’s about 6-8 weeks with a few exceptions.

So how does climate affect roses’ freshness?

Modern rose variants can have several bloom cycles per season, depending on the climate. For example, roses in equatorial and humid subtropical climates like Florida can bloom all year round. In fact, most commercial flowers grow in such areas for obvious reasons. 

Furthermore, with advanced horticultural techniques, you can enjoy the sweet smell of a rose throughout the year. At Le Bouquet Fleurs, we work with the best florists worldwide to ensure you get the freshest roses, no matter when you want some. You can trust us to have your favorite bouquet no matter the season.

The type of roses also dictates when they bloom. That’s because there are three primary categories of bloom cycles in roses. They include:

Once Bloom Roses

Some roses, such as the Carolina rose, only bloom once every season. This breed is fresh in May and often found in many parts of the US, particularly in southern states like Florida. Other popular varieties that bloom once include the hybrid damask “Madame Hardy” rose. 

Twice Bloom Roses 

Some roses only bloom twice per season. They are rare and grow in the late summer or fall. These are only two, including the Damask roses (Rosa damascena) and the “Quatre Saisons Blanc Mousseux.” (1)

Repeat Bloom Roses

A classic example of this type is the hybrid tea “Peace” rose. It’s popular with gardeners since its bloom cycle only takes 3-5 weeks. That means you can harvest several blooms before the end of the season.

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It’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t enjoy the smell of fresh flowers, especially roses. They have a delicate perfume and a charming appearance that enriches any indoor or outdoor environment. 

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