Are Red Roses Still Best for Valentine’s Day?

Red roses are a timeless option for Valentine’s Day delivery. Red roses will always be the symbol of love, and you simply cannot go wrong with red roses on Valentine’s Day!

Variation is the Spice of Life

Are Red Roses Still Best for Valentine's Day?

However, it’s also nice to have some variation so that your friend or loved one might have a special surprise on this day. So although red roses are always a good choice, you might want to consider trying something different and new on the next annual celebration of love.

It has become more acceptable in recent years to deliver a wide range of roses and flower arrangements, regardless of the occasion. Whereas the traditional choice would be red roses for Valentine’s Day, many of our clients now like variety in their selection.

So whether it’s white roses, pink roses, or mixed flowers, it has become more acceptable to go with different options. That’s not to say that red roses have become obsolete as a Valentine’s Day choice. This is not the case at all.

Don’t Always Be Too Predictable

And if this is your selection on any Valentine’s Day, it will always be received with gratitude and love from your spouse or significant other. But consider changing up the menu once in a while, as getting the same dozen red roses each and every year becomes a bit of a habit and a predictable pattern. It will always be appreciated, but the surprise might wane with time.

This is where variation and newness wins the day! And you might want to consider a combination of roses and mixed flowers.

Many of our clients choose to deliver one to the home, and the other to the office. And since Valentine’s Day only comes once a year, it might be worth the additional expense to consider this as an option.

Any Choice Will Be Most Appreciated

In the end, no matter what you choose it will likely be well appreciated by your family member, spouse, significant other, or even a friend.

And remember, that red roses will always be a perfect option to brighten someone’s day and send warm feelings of love and appreciation. However, you might also want to consider the occasional “curveball” that brings excitement and newness to your partner’s Valentine’s Day!

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