Is All Flower Delivery the Same?

All flower delivery is not the same. There are definitely different levels to the care and style involved in flower delivery.

What You Get With National Brands

Many of the national brands deliver flowers in a protective way, but that is also a cold delivery style. But given their process, it’s a reasonable way of flower delivery to ensure the protection of the arrangement.

The flowers are often bundled tightly in a cardboard box, with protective padding to provide further protection. So the visual appeal is less than desired, but it is an effective way to deliver in volume.

The national brands are not focused on a warm and engaging delivery, but rather volume and protective packaging to just get the flowers from point A to point B.

Typical Local Flower Delivery

Then you have most local delivery companies (the norm), which is a more personal delivery than national brands. This is a perfectly acceptable form of flower delivery, and is still generally protective so the roses or flower bouquet will not be damaged. And they are generally not packaged in cardboard boxes, so the delivery appeal is more personal.

And for most local delivery, the roses and flower bouquets are not packed for long deliveries. So it’s more personal and engaging than national brands.

White Glove Delivery

Is All Flower Delivery the Same? -  White Glove Delivery

In the final form of flower delivery and roses delivery in Orlando and the surrounding areas, is what we call “white glove delivery.” This is the warmest and most customer-focused way of delivering flowers. It’s the way that emotion flows and the experience becomes unforgettable.

It requires a great deal more effort and personal service, but this makes a really big difference in the emotional connection to the flower bouquet.

At Le Bouquet Fleurs, we only deliver our roses and mixed flower arrangements with white glove delivery of our European hat boxes. This is why our customers rave about not only our floral products, but also the way in which we deliver all of our bouquets.

This exceptional level of service provides a unique experience when your friend or loved one receives our roses or mixed flowers. It’s a truly unforgettable experience, and it’s more than worth all of the extra effort when delivering mixed flowers in Orlando and throughout Central Florida.

It’s what we like to call the Le Bouquet difference, and it’s why we have over 500 5-star reviews on Google. Our customers truly appreciate this white glove delivery, and the extra effort involved in making each delivery truly memorable.

And it’s worth the effort when we see the emotion on the faces of our receiving clients. So to experience this white glove flower delivery in Orlando, call Le bouquet Fleurs today at 321-251-1833.

We are privileged to serve Orlando, Windermere, Winter Park, Lake Nona, Longwood, and Maitland, as well as the nearby communities.

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