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Are Everlasting Roses Better Than Fresh Roses?

Flowers can instantly brighten one’s day. A gift of beautifully arranged flowers can give a sense of calm and happiness. No matter what the occasion is, flowers also seem to be a fitting gift.

However, fresh flower arrangements don’t last for years even with proper care. After 5 to 7 days, a bouquet of freshly arranged flowers starts to wither. But for those who want to make their flowers last longer, fortunately, preserved flowers are gaining popularity and one of the most requested is the Everlasting Roses also known as luxury or forever roses. These flowers can last up to three years with little to no maintenance at all.

Everlasting Roses are great gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and other occasions. But are they better than fresh roses? Read below to know more about them.

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Everlasting Roses vs Fresh Roses

Everlasting roses and fresh roses both have pros and cons. For most people, it is always just about preference. It is however important to review differences to know which style might be best for you.

Lifespan. Everlasting roses are made from fresh and real roses. They are submerged in a substance composed of glycerin and other chemicals to preserve their beauty. Everlasting roses can last for up to 3 to 4 years or even more. Fresh roses can last no longer than a week.

Versatility. Both everlasting and fresh roses are versatile gifts. They can be fit as a gift for almost any occasion. Both also look great as decorations at home and in other spaces. However, everlasting roses will appear fresher even as days passed.

Color. Both everlasting roses and fresh roses come in a variety of colors. Fresh roses can be dyed as well but the color may not probably stay for a long time as it will start to wither after days, even while submerged in water.

Maintenance. Everlasting roses don’t need maintenance. Since they are treated and preserved beautifully, you don’t necessarily need to tend to them. Fresh roses on the other hand need a lot of checking if you want them to stay longer. Fresh roses need clean water and other plant supplements for them to bloom a little bit more. Stems also need to be trimmed and they should be stored away from direct sunlight.

Price. The price range for fresh roses may differ depending on the style and type. Some are more expensive than others. Everlasting roses may be priced a little bit higher but considering their lifespan, a lot would still choose them over the fresh ones. Everlasting roses need to be clean and dusted from time to time but they must be kept away from water.

Going for everlasting roses might be a good choice if you want to give something that can last for a long time. In terms of lifespan, versatility, and maintenance, everlasting roses are the top choice. Going for fresh roses is okay if you want to give it to someone who adores fresh roses with a fresh garden smell. Remember that fresh rose petals can be preserved too though the look of it will be different.

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