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Best Color Roses for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day (14 of Feb) is fast approaching. Now is the right time to plan the perfect gift for your loved ones. What could be more thoughtful than a bouquet of beautiful roses? They communicate a message that is sure to be appreciated.

While red is the theme color for Valentine’s Day, roses come in various colors that express more than you think. Perhaps you want to appreciate a loved one, but the flower you send says something different. Here we’ll go over five best color roses for Valentine’s day that match your true feelings.

Red Rose – “I love you.”

Are Red Roses Still Best for Valentine's Day?

The most popular choice for Valentine’s Day, the red rose symbolizes romance, love, beauty, and courage. They are the perfect way to profess your undying love for your special someone. In fact, nothing says “I love you” better and directly like a red rose.

Red roses come in various sizes and arrangements, making them very versatile; perfect for that date night. They are a universal symbol of romance and everlasting love. That’s because red is the color of desire, passion, and respect.

For generations, they have captured lovers’ hearts globally and will continue to do so this Valentine’s Day. With a bouquet of red roses, you can communicate that you’re head over heels in love with that special person.

White Rose – “I am the one for you.”

100 White Roses Orlando

White roses represent innocence, purity, and young love. While they are often used at weddings, they can also be a perfect way to express your feelings this valentine.

Sending white roses to a particular person tells them you’re loyal and deeply devoted to them. They can also signify a new beginning and hope for brighter days for burgeoning relationships.

If you believe you’ve found the one, but the relationship is still fresh, you can never go wrong with some elegant white roses. You can also send a mixed bouquet of red and white roses and communicate that you’re a great match and united in love.

Orange Rose – “I want you in my life.”

Best Color Roses for Valentine's Day - Orange Roses

If you have your eyes on someone and feel they share the same sentiments, orange/coral roses may be the perfect way to express your interest. This spicy, vibrant color expresses fiery passion, desire, and an underlying feeling of excitement.

This sunrise splendor bouquet says, “I want you in my life.” It lets them know you are passionate about them and leaves no room for doubts.

The flower’s bright amber, tangerine, and copper hue convey a passionate and romantic vibe behind the gift. So, if you want to impress someone, orange roses may be the ones to go for.

Pink Rose – “Thank you.”

orlando pink roses

That perfect friend you want to honor this valentine’s day deserves a flower too. A simple “Thank you” message with a pink rose is just enough to show your appreciation.

Pink roses are the perfect way to express gratitude, gentleness, gratefulness, perfect happiness, and grace. It’s said that the light pink hue conveys grace and admiration, and the darker shades represent appreciation. Pretty pink blooms are perfect for your parents, coworkers, sisters, or close friends that always brighten your day.

Yellow Rose – “We’re friends, and I care about you.”

Yellow Roses

Yellow represents friendship. This color radiates positive energy and warmth. It’s perfect for an acquaintance, colleague, or old friend that you want to recognize this valentine’s day.

Yellow roses make great gifts for people you admire, appreciate, and respect. The cheerful ray of sunshine hue is just enough to signify your appreciation.

You can also mix it with red roses and communicate that you care about them more than just a friend. Consider sending this beautiful bouquet to maintain a special bond with your friend/family.


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