Best Flowers to Send on Valentine’s Day

Best Flowers to Send on Valentine's Day Orlando

What are some of the best flowers to send on Valentine’s Day? Valentine’s Day is being celebrated around the world by couples, families, and friends. During this special day, a lot of people are sending love and care through thoughtful cards, gorgeous gifts, and of course beautiful flower arrangements. Flowers are so popular that in fact, one of the first things that come to mind during Valentine’s Day are flowers!

Roses are the most popular flowers being given on Valentine’s Day because it they are not only beautiful but it has been, traditionally, a symbol of love and passion. Over the years, however, many other types of flowers gained popularity because of their uniqueness and beauty. 

Other Top Flower Choices for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner Orlando! And if you are looking for the best flowers to send to your loved one on this special day, this guide might help you. Read on. 

Tulips. Elegant and timeless, tulips are next to roses as one of the top flowers to send on Valentine’s Day. They come in various colors but the red one is the most popular to be given as a gift. Tulips can also last longer in the vase with water compared to other flowers. Tulips are said to symbolize the perfect love. 

Carnations. This flower comes in a variety of colors including white, pink, yellow, and red. Pink and red are the two most popular colors to be given during Valentine’s Day. When arranged in a bouquet, carnations can appear elegant and classy. A lot of people prefer carnation because it is very affordable too.

Lilies. Stargazers and alstroemerias are two of the most popular types of lilies. They are also the top choices for Valentine’s flowers. Lilies look good when arranged together. It has an aura of sophistication even when combined with other flowers. 

Sunflowers. Always a breath of fresh air, sunflower bouquets can bring warmth and joy when given to a loved one. Sunflowers may not be traditional Valentine’s Day flowers, but their vibrant yellow colors are truly eye-catching and can brighten your day. They also convey happiness and joy.

Baby Breaths. This flower has gained huge popularity over the years because of its charming look. It is even used as the main flower of choice at many weddings. Baby Breaths is also popular during Valentine’s Day. It can be combined with other flowers, or it can be arranged as is. 

Peonies. A bouquet of peonies is very classy and cute. It can instantly lift the emotions and make someone feel happy, thanks to its beautiful shades and fluffy petals. 

There are many other types of flowers you can mix and match and arrange in a bouquet for Valentine’s. Day. You may request a specific arrangement for your special someone, for your parents, friends, and even colleagues.

Valentine’s is being celebrated because of love. Showing how much you care through a beautiful flower arrangement can make such a huge difference in someone’s day. 

You can always go for various arrangements if you are not the type who loves to stick with one type of flower. You can mix peonies with roses and sunflowers with baby breaths. 

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