How Long Do Fresh Roses Last?

How Long Do Fresh Roses Last Orlando

A bouquet of fresh roses can make your loved one feel special. Roses, being one of the most popular flowers available, often symbolized love and appreciation. During special occasions, bouquet arrangements with roses in them almost always go sold out. 

It is common knowledge that fresh roses don’t last long. Once they are cut, they have a lifespan of about five to seven days. There are, however, ways you can try to extend the shelf life of your roses so you can enjoy their beauty for a little longer. 

Shelf Life of Fresh Roses

The shelf life of roses varies depending on the type. In general, fresh roses can last from 3 to 5 days. 

Roses left outside without water. Roses left in a room without being put in a vase with water will start to wither in an hour or two. When sending someone a bouquet of roses, florists don’t suggest living them outside or on a surface because it will have a huge effect on the overall condition of the flower. Plucked petals can retain their freshness for about 3 days. 

Roses placed in water. Freshly cut roses can last for a week or about 7 days when placed in water. When receiving a fresh bouquet of roses, it is advisable to immediately transfer them to a vase. 

Roses in the fridge. Putting your fresh roses in the fridge can extend its shelf life. The press will help slow down wilting and can help the roses last for more than a week.

Making Fresh Roses Last Longer

There are many ways you can keep your fresh roses last longer at home. Aside from their beauty, roses are actually easy to manage.

Trim stems and leaves. It is advisable to trim the stem and the leaves that surround the roses before putting them in the vase. Leaves that are submerged in water can attract bacteria that can. Causes the roses to wilt fast.

Use clean water and a clean vase. Make sure that your vase is clean and the water that you are going to use is fresh. A fresh bouquet of roses usually comes with flower food that you can put in the water. This can also help preserve the beauty of roses a little longer. Fresh water combined with flower food can help inhibit the growth of bacteria which can affect the freshness of the roses. 

Dont place them in direct sunlight. Place your vase with fresh roses in a cool, dry spot in your home. Direct sunlight will dry up the freshness of the roses fast. A high level of humidity can also cause them to wilt immediately. Putting the fresh roses in an air-conditioned room is not advisable as well. 

Repeat the process if necessary. You can actually repeat the process of cutting down the stem and changing the water on the vase every two days. While in general, fresh roses will last for about 5 to 7 days, this will help slow down the build-up of bacteria. 

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