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Le Bouquet Signature Collection.
Mixed flower bouquet with live butterflies for release inside in a signature or large luxury black velvet box.
Small: $99
Medium: $199
Large: $219
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At Le Bouquet we go by a strict code of ethics. It is ideal to release butterflies within 6 hours of receiving your arrangement. The purpose of live butterfly RELEASE is to help replenish the depleting population of butterflies. They are pollinators and so important for the nature. We want our HEALTHY butterflies to get back into they environment and get to work!


When it comes to mixed flower bouquets, at Le Bouquet we never copy an arrangement! We always create new and custom look. So every time you order, it is made just for You! We keep overall design and color scheme and you are getting a UNIQUE bouquet every time!


Black, Matte Pink, Matte Blue, Matte White


Upgrade to a Signature Box:
Silver Glitter +$10
Red Velvet +$20

Add Pearl Strap: +$10

Add Bow: +$5

Add real 14K Gold Flakes: +$30

Word Personalization printed on the Box: +$20-$30

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