Why Do We Send Flowers for Valentine’s Day?

Why do we send flowers for Valentine’s Day Orlando

Why do we send flowers for Valentine’s Day? With the day of hearts coming in a couple of weeks, one may come to wonder why flowers remain the most popular choice as a gift on February 14 of each year. 

Also called Saint Valentine’s Day as it is celebrated on this saint’s feast day, this special day comes only once every year. So if you miss it, you’d have to wait for next year to celebrate it with your loved one. As early as now, you should start preparing for this wonderful occasion to make it a memorable one. 

Why Are Flowers Popular on Valentine’s Day?

A day of love and romance, Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to remind our loved ones that we care for them. Flowers have always been a symbol of beauty, love, and care, no matter the occasion so it comes naturally that these are also given on the day of hearts. 

Red roses, in particular, remain the topmost choice for Valentine’s Day. The red roses tradition even dates back to the reign of Sweden’s King Charles II in the 17th Century. It is believed that when the King went on a trip to Persia, he learned about the language of flowers, which was then considered a new art. It is said that one can communicate without any words at all by using flowers.

The meaning behind giving flowers has evolved over the years and there are plenty of different flower meanings as well depending on the type of flower. But one thing remains the same, centuries after this tradition started, it continues to live on. And it is true—without any words at all, one can feel the love, care, and comfort that flowers bring whether it’s Valentine’s Day or any other occasion. 

The Prettiest Valentine’s Day Flowers in Orlando, Florida

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