Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

writing your own wedding vows orlando

Writing your own wedding vows is an intimate moment in your journey to forever. It’s magical to capture your feelings through written words, yet it is considered an intimidating task to most couples. Remember: You don’t need to be a professional writer to make the perfect one for your special day. Here’s your quick guide to writing your own wedding vows. Take notes! 

Find a peg. Get your romantic and creative juices flowing by searching for sources of inspiration. You can start with the original vows based on your faith. Pick the key messages that you want, then determine the style and tone that you want for your own wedding vow. 

Reminisce about your relationship. Was your first meet-up memorable? What made your fall in love with him or her? What made the relationship last? What are the challenges that made the relationship stronger? Take a trip to memory lane to enjoy the whole writing process. Every relationship has a different story, but choose the ones that make it extra special for the two of you. 

Write down the promises that you will keep forever. It’s okay to make general promises, such as “I promise to love you until your hair turns gray.” But what makes writing your own wedding vows meaningful is when you include raw parts of the relationship. Need a little push? You can promise to wash the dishes every time your partner cooks your favorite dish. You can promise to wipe the bathrooms floor after you take a bath. Simple yet so real. 

Make it your own. You have the freedom to speak from the heart with your own voice. You can write a poem or a rap song, or you can even throw a few jokes once in a while. You have to dig deeper into your feelings and ask yourself if these words will be special for the two of you. Don’t be pressured by the presence of your guests, because at the end of the day, you and your partner will be the one who will commit to these vows forever. 

Now, it’s time to pour your heart out! 

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