Tips for Choosing the Best Custom Flower Arrangements

custom flower arrangements orlando

Receiving a bouquet of custom flower arrangements is truly a heart-warmer. Aside from this, it is known to be an instant mood-upper and a boost for memory and concentration. If you want to be a little extra for special occasions, go for custom flower arrangements! How to? Here’s the ultimate cheat sheet. 

1. Select the flowers that suit the taste of the receiver.  

The perfect flower is the best foundation of custom flower arrangements. You’re lucky if you already know her favorite flowers. But if there’s no way to find out, then level up in the color department. Opt for shades that complement each other. Tip: If she’s a minimalist, then opt for a monochromatic type of custom flower arrangements. 

2. Add textures for a pop of excitement. 

When it comes to adding textures, keep in mind that less is more. You just need to choose the right mix of smoother flowers, like tulips and garden roses, plus a hint of greens or branches. You also need to consider that shapes, sizes, and textures should complement one another. Going for a one-color scheme? Go for various types of textures for a more dramatic finish. 

3. Complete the look with the perfect container.

If you think a flower container is a no-brainer, then you better think again! It completes the overall look of a custom flower arrangement. Keep in mind that height, volume, color, shape, and finish should be highly considered. Tip: Choose a peg to know what to look for in a flower shop. 

4. Choose a long-lasting custom flower arrangement. 

The longer is lasts, the longer you make someone’s day a little better. Choose an experienced and trust-worthy flower shop for your custom flower arrangements. Here at Le Bouquet, customer flower arrangements are made beautiful and long-lasting. We’ll guide you every step of the way—from choosing the perfect flowers to the most exciting textures to the best choices of containers.

Need a bouquet to make someone smile today? Contact Le Bouquet Fleurs in Orlando today! Aside from custom flower arrangements, we also have a wide collection of bouquets for delivery that you will surely love. You may reach us at 321-251-1833 for inquiries.