Tips to Keep Fresh Flowers Beautiful Longer

Fresh Flowers Orlando

Have you recently received fresh flowers from someone important? Perhaps you receive flower bouquets all the time! If so, it would be nice to know how to keep these blooms fresh and beautiful for a longer time. Depending on how you care for fresh cut flowers, they can last for a few days to a week. By keeping in mind the tips below, then expect to enjoy the beauty of your fresh flower arrangements for longer.

  • Diagonal stem cuts – When you receive a fresh flower bouquet, it is best to place the flowers in a vase with water to make them last longer. Carefully cut the bottom part of the stem diagonally so that it can absorb water easier.
  • Keep the water clean – Within just a few days, the water inside your flower vase can get dirty. It is most ideal to change the water every day so it remains clean. Many people never replace the water, which can do more harm than good.
  • Don’t let the leaves touch the water – The leaves can rot and produce bacteria and fungi when they’re sitting in water. Cut the leaves that are sitting too close to the water of the vase to keep the water clean. Remove stem parts and petals that are beginning to rot as well.
  • Avoid direct sunlight – Some flowers love sunlight, but as soon as you cut them, they react differently to hot temperatures. Place your flower vase in a cool area without direct sunlight shining upon it.
  • Try simple tricks to keep flowers fresh for longer – Flower pros recommend adding sugar and apple cider vinegar, sugar and vodka, or aspirin to the water to keep flowers fresh.
Orlando Everlasting Roses

If you don’t have all the time in the world to keep flower vases clean, or you’re not the type to exert effort in maintaining flowers, consider Le Bouquet Fleurs’ Everlasting Roses. We treat fresh roses using our unique method so that they remain beautiful and soft for up to 1 year even without water! Choose from a wide range of designs and colors that’s perfect for any season and occasion.

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