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Being in the hospital can get quite lonesome. Especially for sick loved ones who need to be confined to a hospital bed for more than just a few days, they can probably say that the experience is not exactly an enjoyable one. You can help make it better for them with a hospital gift basket!

Still thinking of what you can get to make them feel special and loved? Here are some great ideas:

Flower Arrangement – You can’t go wrong with flowers. Their vibrant colors and fragrant scent can easily brighten up someone’s day, and would certainly look great in an otherwise empty and bland hospital room.

Fruit Basket – Fruits are great get well gifts to send to a hospital. Just make sure you pick fresh ones that will last for a few more days on the shelf.

Plush Toy – How about a huggable buddy that your sick friend can hold on to on his or her way to recovery? Even better, this plush toy can be brought home when your loved one has fully recovered!

Balloons – If you think flowers might not be a great idea especially if your loved one is sensitive to pollen, then balloons can be a bright and colorful alternative!

Assorted Hospital Gift Basket – Can’t decide what’s best to send to a sick friend? You can also prepare a gift basket that comes with a plush toy, some flowers, maybe even a little bit of sweets!

Just make sure that you attach a personalized get well card to your hospital gift basket. Write down encouraging words to make your loved one feel that you’re there for him or her, no matter what. That is probably the best gift of all.

For get well soon, same-day delivery baskets you can send to the hospital, Le Bouquet Fleurs can help! Choose from a wide range of flowers and gift baskets that are perfect for any occasion. We deliver in and around the Orlando area. Call 321-251-1833 for inquiries!

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