5 Great Tips for Hospital Flower Delivery

Nothing beats the beauty of flowers when you’re trying to cheer up a sick loved one. Being in the hospital for a while can get dull and boring, especially with all the plain white walls that surround the patient. Wouldn’t it be nice if he or she gets colorful and pretty flowers as a surprise? Especially if it’s your first time to plan on hospital flower delivery, check out these great tips below!

Find out if the patient is allergic to pollen or flowers. While you have all the best intentions when sending flowers to a sick friend, you may end up doing more harm than good when he or she is allergic to these fragrant beauties. Of course, asking the patient directly wouldn’t exactly be a great idea so it’s best to ask a close family member.

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Choose bright, vibrant, and colorful flowers. As mentioned, hospital walls and surroundings can get plain and dull. These flowers will certainly brighten up the room for a change. And the visual perception of your surroundings when you are confined to a hospital room is so important for the patient’s spirits.

Flowers in boxes, baskets or vases are better than bouquets. Flower bouquet delivery might be a popular choice for many, but when you’re sending it to the hospital, you have to realize that the patient most likely won’t be holding these flowers all the time. It’s also likely there’s no vase that comes in handy in his or her hospital room. Thankfully, you can now get boxed flowers or those that come in pretty vases! This is most definitely how you want to send flowers to a hospital.

Add a plush toy or colorful balloons to the flowers. Another great way to make your hospital flower delivery extra special is by including a huggable plush toy or some balloons. Plush toys are maintenance-free, never a mess, and really connect with people on an emotional level.

Always include a personalized get well note. To show you truly care, let your friend know about your get-well wishes through a lovely note that comes with the flowers. Anytime you personalize your delivery, especially to a hospital patient, means the world to the patient and conveys how much you care.

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