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First Date Flower Bouquet Tips

First Date Flower Bouquet Orlando

First dates are very exciting! Finally, the person you like agreed to go out with you. You now have an opportunity to impress her. As they say, first impressions last. Well, even if they don’t, just make sure that first impression will make an impact – a good and memorable impact. Dress nicely, plan your date in advance, arrive on time, and it would also be nice if you would bring a lovely gift such as an elegant first date flower bouquet!

You can never go wrong with flowers. They’re beautiful, classy, and can certainly help in making that great first impression. Since there are so many flowers to choose from, you might wonder what would be the perfect one for a first date flower bouquet. Here are some tips you can keep in mind:

  1. Where will you be meeting your date? Location is an important factor. If you’re going out to the movies and will be meeting her in the cinemas, then a smaller and simpler bouquet would be perfect. If you’re picking her up from home, then a large bouquet would be nice since she can leave that behind. Think of her convenience too. It would be difficult for her to carry around such a large bouquet especially if you’ll be out all night.
  2. Skip the red roses for now. For some women, the color of the flowers won’t matter. However, others probably know a little bit more about the meaning of these flowers. For instance, red is a lovely color and symbolizes love, romance, passion, and commitment. Perhaps that might be too much for a first date, right?
  3. Consider white flowers. Whether you’re going for roses, lilies or any other flower, white would be a great choice for a first date. It symbolizes purity, modesty, and elegance. If you’re not a fan of white flowers, look for other light-colored ones.
  4. Presentation is everything. Sure, you can just hand over your first date flower bouquet or you can also go the extra mile by getting an evening tableside restaurant delivery service. Now that would surely make a memorable first impression!

Choose from Le Bouquet Fleurs variety of flower arrangements for your first date flower bouquet. We can have them delivered to your doorstep or you can also opt for an evening tableside restaurant delivery service. We are available in Orlando and surrounding areas. Check out our catalog or call (321) 251-1833 for inquiries and orders!

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